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       Since 2011, Route One Jeans have been a leading      as an officially recognised and
       brand producing protective motorcycle jeans. As a    licensed manufacturer of protective
       brand of Merlin, Route One Jeans is now available    motorcycle denim by DuPont™.
       around the world: through America, Australia, Europe
       and the home country of the UK.
                                                            Further to achieving DuPont™ accreditation, the new 2019
                                                            Route One Jeans have been crafted using only the finest
       A significant point of difference in the market is   denims, accessories and trims to meet or exceed CE
       how Route One has stayed true to its history and     standard prEN17092.
       commitment to material selection. From the outset
       DuPont™ Kevlar® has been layered in our jeans,
       providing consistency and honesty, building customer   Route One Jeans will continue to provide exceptional value
       trust. 2019 sees Route One jeans enter its latest phase   for money in an ever-increasing cost segment, remaining
       of innovation; commencing the process of accreditation   competitive, relevant and on trend with styling.


       BLAKE - MEN          WYATT - MEN           HARDY - MEN          TRINITY - WOMEN      VICTORIA - WOMEN

           REGULAR                 SLIM             SKINNY SLIM             SKINNY               REGULAR
       Tapered ankle        Straight leg opening   Tapered ankle       High rise             Boot cut ankle
       Close fit to seat, thigh and leg  Sits on the waist with slim   Close fit to seat, thigh   Close fit to seat, thigh and   Relaxed through knee to hip
                            profile throughout    and leg              leg with tapered ankle
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